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Kalia Nurse, Realtor

Meet Kalia Nurse

I am a Certified Florida Licensed Realtor specializing in residential, luxury and commercial real estate buying, selling from Central Florida to South Florida. Before I became a Realtor, I fell in love with real estate through my own steps as a home owner. With no real guidance, before the age of 33, I purchased and sold two properties earning a net profit of over 100k, my home purchase experience was not pleasant and I ran into problems that could have been avoided with the right guidance.

What I believe that sets me apart is my compassion to educate and build my clients confidence up to obtain property and gain the most out of their home purchasing experience. I aim to motivate and convince my clients to continue to purchase real estate to establish generational wealth for their family. It’s not about a commission check for me; it’s about forever changing lives one home at a time. The most important lesson I’ve learned in this business is to always have integrity because real estate and the money it produces could bring the worst out of people. I hold on to the faith and integrity I was taught which has kept me from the pitfalls that many have surrendered to. I want the world to know that as their Realtor, I would be eliminating the limitations and boundaries of home ownership and my clients would become successful future real estate investors.


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